madam Baaba



Mrs. Bridget Jewell Baaba Enchill is a result oriented woman who started the Hopesetters Autism Center in September 2013. She acquired her high level education in Administrative Management, Early Childhood Education and Special-Needs Education. 
Over the past decade, Mrs. Baaba Enchill has worked enormously in Ghana’s Autism sector and has contributed to the development of children living with Autism, Autism Awareness, inclusion advocacy, training of parents, training of caregivers and training of volunteers. 
Her social impact work has won various recognitions from:  The Autism Society of Ghana, Dislabelled, The Apostolic Church of Ghana (Tema Community 5 Assembly), Autism Ambassadors of Ghana, 40-40 Initiative Ghana, GPMS and many others. 
Mrs. Baaba Enchill believes in creating an enabling environment for children with Autism and their families to live a fulfilling life in the society without any discrimination. With this vision, she collaborates with other advocates, organizations and volunteers to enhance work for children living with Autism in Ghana.
 Mrs. Baaba Enchill lives in Tema with her family; married to Mr. Joseph Enchill, has 2 daughters and attends The Apostolic Church of Ghana (Tema Community 5 Assembly).
Facebook: Baaba Enchill
Mobile: +233 (0)242172405