Bank Details

Mobile Money Details

Bank Name: Fidelity Bank Ghana.  

Account Name: Hopesetters Autism Center                                                

Account Number: 2090761836318                                                                    

 SwiftCode: FBLIGHAC                                                                                                                

(NB: The Swift Code Applies To International Bank Transfers)

Name: HopeSetters Autism Center                                                                     Number: 0559289258 )                                                                                              Kindly Call US After Your Donations!                                                            Donations Can be made through the Mtn MoMo App or Sent Directly From Any other Mobile network.  

All Remittances are welcomed and Can be made in the name HopeSetters Autism Center(Tema)!!!


  1. Acceptance and inclusion for children living with Autism in the society.
  2. Volunteers to assist with work at the center.
  3. Donations in terms of funds, learning materials or any other resources that will help to effectively impact the lives of the children.
  4. A word of prayer to support the lives of children with Autism, their families, caregivers and volunteers.

The spread of your wings to us will certainly enable us to have an effective continuous support for the children. Our doors are warmly opened to all individuals and corporate organizations.