Autism is a  lifelong neurological development disorder that affects the way a person views and interacts with the world around him/her.  Autism typically appears during a child’s first 3 years and it affects them in the areas of social interaction, communication and imagination.

Autism affects each person differently and they demonstrate with a combination of behaviors that ranges from mild to severe. Children living with Autism also prefer sameness, consistency and structure.

When a child has Autism he/she becomes over or under sensitivity to sound, touch, sight, smell and taste. 


Every person with Autism is a unique individual and some common traits of Autism include:

  • Poor Social Skills.
  • Difficulties interacting with others.
  • Difficulties with communication.
  • Restricted to Repetitive Activities or Interest.
  • Abnormal Responsive to Sensory issues such as; Sound, Touch, Sight, Smell and Taste.
  • Some show Aggressive or Self-injurious Behaviors such as; Head-banging or biting themselves.


Currently there is no cure for Autism but many persons improve greatly with therapies. No one knows for sure what causes Autism and no one has a magic pill to cure it either. The earlier that a person can begin therapies the better, early intervention is a life-long success.