After considering the essential needs for families living with persons with autism,who resides in Tema and who hitherto would have had to travel about thirty five kilometers  (35km) to take their wards to the autism center in Accra and when ripe the moment came ,the founder of Autism Awareness Care and Training (AACT), Mrs. Serwah Quianor ,gave the mandate to establish an Autism Center in the Tema metropolis .

Hence , HopeSetters Autism Center,With  Bridget Baaba Enchill,as its proprietress. This center has since become a buffer place to meet the challenging needs of families in Tema ,living with persons with Autism.

Here,Therapy Services among other programmes are available to care for persons with Autism.Besides,the center is engaged in Autism Awareness,Training and Advocacy is indeed the first Autism Center in Tema.

Our Mission

Hope Setters autism center is a non governmental organization (NGO) committed to giving care  and hope to persons and families living with autism and special needs in the tema metropolis and its environs .we are equally passionate about addressing issues innovatively that are associated with autism.

Our Vision

Our main vision is to see persons living with autism, no matter its level, to be as independent as possible and to be accepted in the society, by creating autism awareness through partnerships in the aim of eliminating the myths and discrimination that is associated with it.

Our Team

madam Baaba

MRS. Bridget Baaba Enchill (CEO)


Our Staff Memebrs