Who We Are

we are an ngo based in tema,and our passion is supporting and training persons living with autism!

Founder's Profile



Mrs. Bridget Jewell Baaba Enchill is a result oriented woman who started the Hopesetters Autism Center in September 2013. She acquired her high level education in Administrative Management, Early Childhood Education and Special-Needs Education.

Over the past decade, Mrs. Baaba Enchill has worked enormously in Ghana’s Autism sector and has contributed to the development of children living with Autism, Autism Awareness, inclusion advocacy, training of parents, training of caregivers and training of volunteers.

Her social impact work has won various recognitions from: Disabled, The Apostolic Church of Ghana (Tema Community 5 Assembly), and Autism Ambassadors of Ghana, 40-40 Initiative Ghana, GPMS and many others.

Mrs. Baaba Enchill believes in creating an enabling environment for children with Autism and their families to live a fulfilling life in the society without any discrimination. With this vision, she collaborates with other advocates, organizations and volunteers to enhance work for children living with Autism in Ghana. Mrs. Baaba Enchill lives in Tema with her family; married to Mr. Joseph Enchill, has 2 daughters and attends The Apostolic Church of Ghana (Tema Community 5 Assembly).

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Email: baabaenchill37@gmail.com

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— Training


We organize training programs for families, caregivers, volunteers, teachers and other professionals to give them adequate knowledge and skills on how to cater for children living with Autism. Our trainings are supervised by qualified professionals and are assisted by trained field coordinators.

We hold trainings on Speech & Language Therapy, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Occupational Therapy, and others.

For an impactful training, our sessions compromises of both theory and practical which comes along with an assessment tool to evaluate the understanding of the people we train.

— Advocacy

Our center has trained staff who advocate for children living with Autism. We advocate to ensure that citizens do not infringe on the rights of the children, social policies are well practiced and also to ensure that the children get the necessary support needed.

The advocacy we do is in line with the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, the Ghana Disability Act 715 and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (UNCRPD).

— Awareness

Creating Autism awareness comes as a great responsibility for the center and so we do this in the various communities, organizations and on social media. As 2nd April marks the World Autism Awareness Day, our center joins the rest of the world in celebrating the day for children living with Autism. Beyond this day, we continue to create awareness in all the rest of the months.

Some activities for the awareness sessions include; Autism awareness walk, radio awareness, TV awareness, social media awareness, showing of documentaries to groups of people and sharing of flyers in various communities.

— Our Mission

Our mission is to provide adequate caregiving and training to persons living with Autism, their families and individuals with intellectual disability in Ghana.

— Our Vision

Our vision is to see persons living with Autism, no matter its level, to be as independent as possible and to be accepted in the society.

— Our Story

The Hopesetters Autism Center is a registered NGO that provides care and support for children living with Autism and their families in the Tema environs. It has been in existence since September 2013 and was founded by Mrs. Bridget Baaba Enchill. The center works with various professionals, caregivers and volunteers who help to enhance the support for the children.


  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Behavior Management
  • Basic Academic Skills
  • Art Therapy
  • Social Skills
  • Aqua Therapy
  • C.T


  • Basic academic skills improvement.
  • Improvement in Speech and Language Development.
  • Improvement in behavior.
  • Talents unearthed in: drawing, beading and hair braiding.


  • Scholarships for needy children.
  • Lack of appropriate accommodation.
  • Lack of funding to access services of professionals (Speech & Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Art Therapist, etc.)


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